What we do.

We build Minimum Viable Products. We help startups launch innovative mobile products by helping them build-measure-learn their way from a great mobile app idea to a successful product.

How we do it.

We start by understanding your goals and helping you identify and prioritize your core assumptions.
This step turns your daunting idea into a set of specific, concrete, testable hypotheses.

We help you come up with ways to quickly validate your make-or-break assumptions.
Together we design the simplest tests that will help you validate them. In the beginning, this will involve steps that require no programing - an interview with your potential users, research, running a smoke test, or conducting a survey. In this stage, most of the validation will be performed by you, with us providing guidance and advice.

We design, develop, deploy and validate your mobile apps.
After a while your riskiest assumption will be something that can only be tested by developing an Minimum Viable Product. (MVP is a simple mobile app that has the smallest subset of your intended functionality sufficient to validate the idea or assumption, along with the metrics needed to do so.) Then, and only then, do we resort to design and development - the most expensive part of launching a product.

The Nomad Team.

We are an all-star team of mobile developers, designers and entrepreneurs. Our passion is creating amazing new mobile experiences that have never been possible before, and we are passionate about creating them in the most effective and efficient way possible.

Our founder, Andrej Kostresevic has close to a decade and a half of experience in various development, product and lead roles at companies ranging from large multinational enterprises to early stage startups. Prior to starting the Nomads, Andrej was the lead mobile developer at Myxer.com, where he was in charge of all mobile apps - including an iPhone app that rose to the top 100 overall spot in the App Store and its Android counterpart which rose to top 30 Entertainment apps in the Android Market, and currently has over 10 million downloads. Andrej has also been teaching a worldwide, 5-day, hands-on Android development class to both the general public, as well as clients such as Motorola Solutions. Andrej is immersed in the Miami startup scene, and he organizes the South Florida Android Developers and the Miami Lean Startup Circle, and curates the Miami Startup Digest.

Our work.

We have helped launch very exciting products, including highly rated, high-visibility apps with over 15M downloads, a leading social engagement platform, a recent TechStars graduate who have gone on to raise over 3/4M in funding, an innovative social music platform that Mtv O Music Awards called the “Most Addictive Social Music Platform”, an innovative app that helps patients stay connected to their healthcare providers, and a stealth mode product we have recently been entrusted to port to Android, funded by one of the largest manufacturers of Android devices and slated to coincide with the launch of their latest blockbuster device. Whew, that was a mouthful. Contact us for specifics.